Sociology and Social Policy Dissertation: Child Protection and Disability (2011)

The aim of dissertation is to explore the links between disability and abuse and to evaluate the role of social workers and social services departments in the protection of disabled children. Disabled children and children with disabilities are terms that will be used interchangeably. The definition of abuse will relate to acts of physical, emotional abuse and neglect, with the acknowledgement that deliberate acts of abuse can and often are perpetrated by people of both sexes in a variety of different settings. Whilst it is recognised that discrimination and oppression are forms of abuse, the primary definition within this study relates to those actions or omissions that are commonly associated with or attract the term child abuse. Although the study will focus particularly upon children with physical disabilities, research evidence relating to children with learning difficulties will be presented where such is both relevant and appropriate. The study will not generally differentiate between those children who were either born with disabilities or acquired them via accident or illness and those for whom disability was entirely preventable and caused by abuse, although it is acknowledged that work in this area has already been conducted. In attempting to make the study as broad and comprehensive as possible, I have focused on six separate though interrelated areas, each of which illustrates particular points and addresses fundamental issues relating to the abuse of disabled children.

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The Social Construction of Disability

Social Work and Disabled People

The Myths of Disability and Child Abuse

Social Work and the Child Protection System

The Abuse of Disabled Children

The Implications for Social Work



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