The Crisis of Masculinity… What Crisis? (2010)

This dissertation examines the notion of a crisis of masculinity in relation to the British context. Using stimulus from the most notable literature and wide ranging secondary data, the author examines both the objective and subjective experiences of men in contemporary British society.

It is argued that despite the fact that gender inequalities in favour of men quite clearly persist, a crisis of masculinity is plausible in terms of an nonviable narrative of masculine moral identity. However, on the grounds of insufficient evidence the author is forced to conclude that it cannot be claimed that we are witnessing a crisis of masculinity in Britain.

The economic, political, cultural and social landscape of Britain has changed significantly during the post war era. The social democratic consensus, which attempted to combine capitalism and social justice, has been replaced by neoliberalism, which prioritises the efficient operation of the free market over social equality.

This paradigm shift was in part a consequence of globalisation, a process which removes barriers between countries and which had extended neo-liberal deregulation and privatisation to the world. As a result the social democratic model in Britain became politically and economically indefensible. This is because, as opposed to the neo-liberal model, the social democratic model entails high costs and regulation of business.

In a globalised world, businesses can avoid these impositions by moving to countries with lower costs and levels of regulations. This possibility represented a threat to Britain’s economy, which was already declining because of high levels of inflation and a balance of payments deficit. These problems were blamed on the Keynesian-style economy which involved high levels of government spending and taxation.

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1: Introduction
Research Statement

2: The Case for a Crisis

3: The Crisis of Masculinity

4: What Crisis?

5: A Crisis of Masculine Identity

6: Crisis Indicators

7: Problems with Crisis Indicators

8: Conclusion Bibliography

Crisis of Masculinity Sociology Dissertation
Crisis of Masculinity Sociology Dissertation

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