An Investigation into the Requirements of Alternative Measures of Imprisonment for the Welfare of the Economy, Community and the Prisoners (2013)

Alternative Measures of Imprisonment Dissertation – Prison still remains the centre of a penal code of any country. But the efficiency of prison as a rehabilitative measure and to cure the tendency of committing a crime is often questioned. This research titled ‘A Research on the requirement of alternative measures of imprisonment for the Welfare of the economy, community and the prisoners’ researches on the adverse effects of prison on the economy, prison administration, community and prisoners with the support of statistical data and theories drawn out of literature review.

The findings suggest that though not applicable for middle term imprisonment, alternative methods of imprisonment are more effective that custodial sentences in the case of short term imprisonment. The study remains very significant in today’s economic and political scenario. One of the main reasons behind it is that prisons remain an integral part of the criminal justice system to execute law and order in the society and to culminate criminal tendencies.

The number of prisoners has increased over the years and so has the stress on the prisons in different parts of the country. Prisoners at least in some countries find it dehumanising to stay in the prison with minimal sanitation and other facilities required for the prisoners. This in turn affects the prisoners psychologically and pauses threat to their welfare.

This is a study that analyses the effectiveness of community sentence as an alternative for imprisonment in reducing the recidivism rate in case of short term imprisonment. Following are the aims of the dissertation study;

  • Theoretical analyses on the psychological impact of the short term imprisonment on offenders with support of case study
  • An analysis of the economic cost of imprisonment and other administration problems
  • A discussion on the case of UK prisons.
  • A quantitative analysis of the recidivism rate to measure the effectiveness of imprisonment and community services supported by literature.

  • 15,000 words – 58 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for sociology and criminology students

1. Introduction
Background of study
Statement of problem
Aims of the study
Significance of the study
Key terminologies used

2. Literature Review
History of Imprisonment
Punishment and theories
Effectiveness of imprisonment
Short term imprisonment and Recidivism
Negative Effects of Prison
Alternatives methods of imprisonment
Evidence of other researches

3. Research Methodology
Research Purpose
Research Title
Objectives of the research
Psychological impact of short term imprisonment
Economic costs and Administrational Problems of imprisonment
Case Study if UK Prisons
Recidivism rate in prisons
Type of research
Qualitative method
Quantitative method
Research process
Limitations of the research
Recommendation for further researches

4. Research Findings and Discussions
Psychological impact of short term imprisonments
Characterisation during prison days
Adapting to the Post prison Life
Special population and the pains of the prison life
Impact of Incarceration of Parents on Children
The Economic Cost of Imprisonment
Importance of Calculating the Cost of Crime
The Economic cost of Prisons in Europe
Jail administration challenges
Case of Prisons in UK
History of Prisons in UK
Kent and Medway Short-Term prisoner Project
Short term imprisonment in UK
Alternative Methods of Imprisonment in UK
Mismanagement of Short term imprisonment in UK
Current Statistics of UK prisons
Prison Overview
Trends of the prisons in UK
Recidivism Rate in the Prisons
Facts and Figures

5. Recommendations and Conclusions


Alternative Measures of Imprisonment Dissertation
Alternative Measures of Imprisonment Dissertation

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