Investigation into Social Stigma and Discrimination towards Immigrants with Mental Health (2019)

The dissertation aims to investigate the areas of social stigma and discrimination associated with mental health affecting immigrants between 20-35 years in London. The increasing rate of mental health disorders among immigrants in London hardships due to stigma and discrimination that result in anxiety and depression as diagnosed by DSM-5 clinical criteria (Khoury, 2014). This research aims to find out how Stigma and discrimination induce fear among the migrant students and workers in the United Kingdom impeding access to essential institutions such as colleges, healthcare legal service and sporting activities due to public’s attitudes and behaviours. The research study will use quantitative methods focus on objectives to measure statistical, mathematical or numerical analysis of data collected through structured questionnaires. The study will use questionnaires with three sections distributed to immigrants living in London. The research will focus on reaching immigrants in their home, workplace and learning institutions. A sample of 230 will take part in the study due to restrictions in occupation and learning institutions interfered with targeted population. As a result, the target population will be less than 10,000. The objective of this research proposal is to establish whether social stigma and discrimination associated with mental health problems affecting thousands of people between 20-35 years in London. The second objective of this research proposal is to compare the prevalence of mental health problem between Native Whites and immigrants. The research will investigate exposure factors precipitates onset of mental health issues in the specific population living in London.

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1 – Introduction
Dissertation Aims
Dissertation Objectives
Research Hypothesis
Research Paradigms

2 – Literature Review

3 – Methodology
Study Population
Pilot Study and Pre-Testing
Data Collection
Data Analysis
Research Ethics
Communication of Results

4 – Data Results

5 – Findings and Discussion
Brief Overview of Mental Health
Symptoms of Mental Health
Stigma and Discrimination
Social Interpretation of both Stigma and Discrimination
Theoretical Explanation
Effects of Social Stigma and Discrimination
Diminishes Self-Esteem
Deny People Social Opportunities
The Barrier To Complete And Self-Satisfying Life
Prevalence of Mental Health among Immigrants in London
Mental Health Disorders Cases Found Within London

6 – Conclusion and Recommendations


Survey Questions

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