An Investigation into the benefits of hosting the Olympics 2012: Will there be a positive legacy from the Games? (2011)

Olympics 2012 London Legacy Dissertation – This final year dissertation aims to explore the overwhelming challenges and opportunities faced by major cities when they undertake regeneration in order to host international sporting events. It will review the examples of cities like Sydney, Barcelona, Atlanta, and, in particular, London. Each of the cities required extensive local regeneration.

The paper will focus on the planning and publicity of two heavily populated sites in the UK capital of London, both of which are the size of small towns, for celebration of international events – the Millennium and the 2012 London Olympics. London has taken on these challenges in the aftermath of another major infrastructure project, the Millennium Dome, which was deemed a failure by many.

These two projects are irrevocably related, being similar in size, sharing a common transportation system (the Jubilee tube line), and requiring the regeneration of districts the size of small towns: the Greenwich Peninsula after years of toxic pollution from neighbouring gasworks, and the Olympics site in and around Stratford (in east London) after decades of urban neglect.

The district between Canary Wharf and Stratford was seen, once the site had been chosen, as an important hub in the Olympics infrastructure which will now see an extensive rail network by 2012 that will have the capacity to carry thousands of spectators to and from the games as well as providing local residents with more comfortable and reliable transport options.

  • 14,000 words – 46 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Expertly written throughout
  • Ideal for business and tourism students

1: Introduction

2: Media and political attitudes towards the bidding process and the subsequent developments

3: Physical structures: Architectural considerations, cost of building and how they fit into existing and future community development

4: Financial Implications: Where does the money come from and how does this affect citizens?

5: Citizen’s rights and freedoms Versus Security Is the consent manufactured?
The impact of the Games and community consultation
Human Rights issues in the host city
Disruption and inconvenience caused in the Olympic city

6: Transportation issues

7: Anticipating the aftermath

8: Conclusions


Olympics 2012 London Legacy Dissertation
Olympics 2012 London Legacy Dissertation

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