The Study of Chinese Generation Y Travelling Motivation within Chinese Domestic Tourism (2013)

This dissertation carried out an empirical study with a view to investigate Chinese generation Y travel behaviour in domestic tourism. This was critical because tourism market and government policy makers will have to align their strategic plans in order to tap generation Y domestic travellers. This is because it is an invaluable tourist product.

Additionally, travel behaviours identified here will benefit academies and professionals as they further explore the issues addressed in this paper. Other studies have looked at Chinese generation X travel behaviour and their motivations to travel out of the country. Still other studies have focused on gender and older generations’ foreign tourists activities as opposed to Chinese generation Y domestic tourism. However, generation Y plays an active role in the domestic tourism industry.

This is because it forms a very unique market segment for the tourism and hospitality industry in general. They exhibit varied tourist preferences, values and behaviours that are investigated in this study. This market segment has grown significantly over the years. However, the generation Y of China continues to receive dismal empirical studies in the academies and professional fields. It is against this background that the researcher conducted a study of this nature.

This dissertation aimed at filling in the existing gap in the academic circles by way of research into the motivation behind the Chinese generation Y domestic travels. The conclusions and recommendations that are made here will benefit the tourism industry and China as a country. This dissertation sought to find answers to the following five research questions that are addressed in the questionnaire;

  • What do Chinese generation Y tourists consider when they travel around China?
  • What types of holiday destinations do Chinese generation Y prefer travelling to?
  • After travelling in China, how do they rate their satisfaction about Chinese travel destinations?
  • What is the purpose of Chinese generation Y travelling in China?
  • What are their suggestions or recommendations for the Chinese cities or destinations to improve on? (in respect to; facilities, environment, service quality etc)
  • 14,000 words – 42 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for tourism students

1 – Introduction
Background to the Study
Research Questions
Aims and objectives of the study
Methodological approach and sources of data for the study
Layout of the remaining parts of the study

2 – Literature Review
Tourists Motivation
The definition of travel motivation
Theories on tourism motivation
The factors affected travel motivation
Consumer behaviour
Chinese Culture
Tourism in China
Chinese Domestic Tourism Industry
Chinese Generation Y and Travel Motivations

3 – Methodology
Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Population and Sampling
Data Collection Method and Questionnaire Design
Data Reliability and Validity
Data Analysis
Research Ethics

4 – Results, Analysis, Interpretation and Discussion
Background Information
Tourist preferences
Areas of concern to the local tourists
Factors influencing travel destination
Areas where tourists spent most of their time during trip
Frequency of domestic travel
Satisfaction with Services offered at a destination
Time spent on holiday
Holiday Festival for Travelling
Holiday Destination Preference for Chinese travels

5 – Conclusion and Recommendations
General Summary of Findings: Discussions
Policy Recommendations
Recommendations to Chinese Government: facilities
Recommendations to Regulatory tour officials: services
Recommendations to tourism board
toward Existing knowledge
Further Research
Summarizing Remarks


Appendix Section

Chinese Domestic Tourism Dissertation
Chinese Domestic Tourism Dissertation

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