Global Strategy and Sustainability at Zara – In 1975, “Amancio Ortega” and “Rosalia Mera” launched Zara, now controlled by the Spanish giant Inditex, to become one of world’s leading apparel retailers. In 1998, Zara introduced its high-end, trendy apparel to the people of the UK at surprisingly low costs. There are now 100 Inditex shops in the United Kingdom, 61 of which are Zara outlets. In 2021, Zara generated the most revenue for the Inditex Group globally, with net revenues of about 20 billion euros. In the fiscal year 2021, Zara’s UK sales increased by 74%, reaching £1.1 billion. This research analyses Zara’s both internal and external environment, business strategy, and plans for international growth. The research concludes with an evaluation and analysis of Zara’s corporate social responsibility approach.

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