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BSc "Interactive Social Network Visualisation"
BSc "Social Networking Sites"
BSc "An Investigation into the Effect of Virus Threats to Mobile Threats"
BSc "An Investigation into the Applicable Tools and Techniques for Forensic Examination of Apple Laptop and Desktop Machines"
MSc "An Assessment of Online Search Models – Organic Versus Sponsored, the Evolution, Relationship and Reward in Today’s World of E-Commerce"
BSc "Design a Dynamic Web Application"
BSc "Addictive Usage of Technology"
BSc "Risks of Open Wi-Fi Networks"
BSc "Develop A Policy Management Cloud Computing Solution"
BSc "An Investigation into the Decline of Female Participation within the Computing Industry"
BSc "Assess and Analyse Existing Security Controls and Measures Deployed At GlaxoSmithKline"
BSc "Design A Generic Face Recognition System"
BSc "Reasons of Hesitation in Cloud Computing Adoption among UK SMEs"
MSc "How to Best Integrate Agile Software Development Methods (XP and Scrum) By Introducing Usability Practices and Methods"
BSc "An Investigation into the Concept, Design, Development, Applications and Future of Cloud Based Manufacturing and Design"
BSc "Cloud Computing Services - Project Migration to Cloud with Security Compliance and FedRamp Response"
BSc "A Study of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation and Critical Factors that Affect Chinese Small-Medium Enterprise"
BSc "Advances in Cloud Gaming"
BSc "Big Data Analytics - Integration and Privacy"
BSc "Influence and Impact of Social Gaming"
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