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Wireless Communication Technology

Wireless communication is becoming an increasingly focal part of everyday life, whether this is through its ability to allow virtual working, or simply to connect PC s, Laptops, and other peripherals together without the usage of wires. The increasing cost of fuel and commuter travel means that working independent of time and location is also now recognised as an essential component of the global business, where the world is now becoming one single globalised market.

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Analysis into E-commerce & M-commerce in developing countries

Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) is all about buying, selling or exchanging of products, services and information using the Internet platform and in particular the Web. E-Business, on the other hand, carries a broader definition, not just the buying and selling of goods and services, but servicing customers, collaborating with business partners, and conducting communications and transactions within and outside an organization

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Network Security: CISCO Firewalls versus MS Proxies

The 1980’s brought a major change in the way data were processed in organizations. Traditional centralized data processing on microcomputers gave way to decentralized or distributed personalized applications running on desktop and notebooks sized computers. Around the world, millions of computers are being linked together in networks of all sizes. This development continues today as Internet ties local systems into a global network. A network is a system of computers interconnected in order to share information and resources. Networks are vital to businesses

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Computing in Multimedia Systems Project: Research into the possibility of providing a Client-Server based mobile learning application with J2ME

The use of Mobile Technology as a study tool in Third level Institutions is becoming more popular because, of the accessibility to mobile phones by students and because, of the new technologies used in making mobile phones.Some mobile phones now can download and play video clips.With this kind of technology learning is shifting from just the walls of the classroom to our mobile phones and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant).However little Research has been done in using mobile phones to connect and write to Server Applications especially in Third level Institutions in Ireland, with this type of technology students would be able to download lecture revision notes, write continuous assessments on their mobile phones and would be able to submit them using Bluetooth technology.The J2ME Client Server application would be used as a study tool for Instructional Design, a subject for the fourth year Students in B.Sc. Computing (Multimedia Systems). The module aims to provide student with a detailed understanding of empirically based principles that user interface designers can employ to create applications that improve the likelihood people will learn. For the purposes of researching this project, a prototype system was developed that encapsulated MIDlets, Servlets and JDBC technologies.The project examines if such a prototype could in practice be, properly implemented in a real-world simulation.Time constraints due to technical problems documented in the testing section prevented the application being tested with real users

E-Retailing and CRM: Tesco and Its E-Business System - An Overview

The report intends to discuss the application of Tesco’s e-business system which facilitates the data collection of its customers and evaluate its contribution to managerial decision-making. It also analyse the ethical issues that arise from the collection and use of this information. To shop online at Tesco, the individual has to first get itself register with Tesco.com. For registration, the person is required to submit the full name, e-mail address, clubcard number, day time, evening time and mobile telephone number and full home address. Tesco’s system also uses cookies to collect the behavioural information regarding its customers. Non-registered visitors of the site are sent anonymous cookies to keep track of their browsing patterns and build up a demographic profile. E business system has had huge impact on Tesco’s achievement of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It highly facilitates the managers at Tesco in making strategic, tactical and operational decisions. By monitoring customers’ activities whilst they are shopping on-line, the managers will be able to understand their customers’ needs better and therefore design products and services that match their needs more closely

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Strategic Systems Outsource Analysis Into Dixons Electrical

If Dixons Electronic outsource their total development, what risk will they take? What types of organisations or some developments that are out there should not be outsourced? Outsourcing is defined as taking a companies products, services or functions and then paying an external organisation to handle and control them. Transfers to suppliers are made from the operational control, which include services. The aspect of outsourcing is used in order for the organisation to save money, improve quality, and also free the resources from the other activities they have. In the current environment companies can no longer assume me that all organisational must be provided and managed internally. Advantages of outsourcing in the sense of competitive organisations can be produced when products or services are much more effective and efficient by suppliers from outside. Recently outsourcing has become the definition of elimination of current staff, and new staff overseas are hired which means companies save money on salaries

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IT Offshore Outsourcing to India

Outsourcing has taken a new dimension since the development of Information Technology and its competitive use by business firms. Traditionally off shoring is done in relatively cheaper place which can contribute to cost effectiveness of business processes, and today Information Technology enabled outsourcing has become a major tool for businesses to cut the cost incurred on their business and hence adds value towards business contribution. Business firms especially from US and UK are now looking forward to India as their off shore destination, Although there are other destinations, but still India is in leading position, and is a loved destination due to availability of cheap labour, strong and reliable infrastructure and vast pool of talent. This essay takes a comprehensive coverage about the various aspects which make India suddenly a leader in outsourcing destination

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E-Business Strategy: On-line Imaging Service of Kodak & Fuji

As a promising trading platform, e-business is growing rapidly. E-business markets are also at their most advanced stage of development. Together with the rapid-development of Internet technology, e-business will grow further in the future. As two main competitors in imaging industries, Kodak and Fuji lead this industry for a long time. In today’s Internet-driven business environment, both Kodak and Fuji involve themselves into e-business and apply this business mode into their new product/service – on line imaging service

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Risk Management Handbook

A risk is any potential future event or issue that can have an adverse effect on the organization’s performance, productivity, and existence managing of which not only save the organization from potential losses, but can also create opportunities along the way. This management of risks, which is called Risk Management, has a profound impact on an organization’s overall wellness and development, for example, during harnessing various opportunities and in creating a sustainable organizational culture. Risk Management is a process which is integrated into an organization’s strategic management, whereby the organization explores, identifies, and takes necessary measures to prepare action plans in order to overcome any potential pitfall. Indeed, Risk Management encompasses an organization’s all activities and involves every entity in the process from board of directors to entry level employees. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a structured approach to utilize organizational resources through an appropriate Risk Management framework, which not only helps to overcome uncertainties, but also reveals a range of opportunities that can be utilized to create greater values and to obtain competitive advantages

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Benefits and Concerns of Virtualization in Business Organizations

Virtualization is a promising technology for business organizations.Current study investigates the benefits and concerns of clouds and virtualization technologies in business organizations. The study investigates how virtualization technology brought Seven Corners, an international travel insurance company, various benefits, including economic benefits and business continuity. The case study also addressed how organizations can adopt a methodological approach in order to migrate from a physical IT infrastructure to a virtual IT infrastructure. The current study investigated the effect of the migration of an organization’s physical IT infrastructure into a virtual IT infrastructure using a private cloud built upon a shared virtual architecture. The study investigated several benefits realized through virtualization, mostly business continuity and economic benefits. The case study has also addressed how organizations can develop and implement a successful virtual infrastructure solution through a methodological approach

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Implementation and testing Perimeter of HP ProLiant Server Security

During last few years, the information security landscape has come to light due to web applications are under attack.In 2008, Vulnerabilities Research Labmentioned “Web applications continue to be a prime vector of attack for criminals, and the trend shows no sign of abating; attackers increasingly shun network attacks for cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and many other infiltration techniques aimed at the application layer.” Web application vulnerabilities can be attributed to many things, which include insecure session management, poor input validation, improperly configured system settings and defects in operating systems (OS) and web server software

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A Case of Alibaba

om and its IT Strategy (Value Chain). This report aims to evaluate role of IT systems in the business environment of Alibaba.com. To contemplate the research, secondary sources have been used in which books, commercial websites/reports, and journal articles were selected to collect data while information was analysed through qualitative method (content analysis). The results indicate, Alibaba is working effectively while it is concluded that some improvements are essential for which significant IT systems (TPS, MIS, DSS, ESS, and DBEs) can be used, as in the past, innovation could be beneficial through product development strategies

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Cloud Computing Non-Technical Risks

Cloud computing has become the latest trend in IT (Information Technology) industry. The term cloud computing refers to an infrastructure, designed with both hardware and system software, where data storage and computing uses data centres instead of personal computers, and the applications are distributed as services over the internet. It can be compared with a large pool which is easily accessible and contains vast amount of virtualized resources which can by vigorously reconfigured for optimum scale employment by adjusting variable load. Started only as a basic business concept, cloud computing has become the fastest growing trend in the IT industry in a few years. With more and more business organizations and individuals, cloud computing has grown large, and with that security has become a major issue in the field. The risks of data breaches and vulnerability pose a threat in present cloud environment which has not only technological but also significant social impact

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Information Security Management

In the early 21st century, the use of internet has been growing at a significant pace in the global context. In this regard, both larger organisations and small and medium scale organisations are identified to be depending on internet in order to conduct their operations more adequately. Moreover, in the present modern era ‘Information Security Management’, has been one of the most crucial factors with the help of which organisations can ensure their efficiency and effectiveness more effectively. Thus, most of the small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) and larger organisations are interconnecting security based system, which specifically aims towards safeguarding the crucial digitized form of information from unauthorized access by unreliable sources or individuals

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A Critical Evaluation of the use of ICT Models in Learning

There has been a shift in the education sector away from the conventional and traditional classroom modes of learning to the use of ICT models and designs. Technology has revolutionized this sector enhancing the way students learn, share and understand courses. Many governments around the world, especially in industrialized countries like the UK and US, have launched several initiatives to promote this form of learning. In UK, the Education department has encouraged and aided projects like the national grid for learning and associated virtual teachers’ center. This essay will critically analyze the role of different ICT models in promoting learning, their impact as well as child development theories that support the use of these models

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Cloud Computing Security

Cloud computing is a collection of an Information and supplies them in rental bases. In cloud computing Data-Security is a major and a serious issue as data is located in different forms in different places. Data-Security is most important technique for the future development in industries, business and some for the governments. This is relevant to both the hardware and a software this will deals to protect the data in the cloud environment. Cloud has many advantages like flexibility; efficiency, scalability, and integration they provide the operations in advanced and run their applications. One current research activity no going is the Fault-detection it is the building block of reliability and multi-cloud solutions and implement these characteristics on a cloud testbed. This paper will study about the security issue and challenge to overcome from data hacking. Security is the main challenge in the cloud computing it is the heart of the cloud to keep the data secure. This paper discuss about the various security issues and the possible opportunities are stated and resolve the issues based on the techniques in the cloud computing. The major security opportunity discussed in this paper is encapsulation of data among others

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M-Commerce and Its Evolution

An m-commerce (mobile commerce) business model allows customers to complete every steps of the commercial transaction by utilising mobile phones rather than visiting to the physical or brick and mortar store. The experts of technology predict that the mobile wireless communications by 2020 are possibly to be available to anywhere and anyone throughout the globe at very low cost. But it is important to develop and maintain the trust and satisfaction of customers as well as reducing their risks involved in online payments and transactions. It is specifically true in case of cross-border consumption, as less familiarity with the overseas systems and policies makes it more complex for end users to comprehend their rights and easily use mobile devices for online purchasing. In this regards, the report here is inculcating about development of m-commerce by scrutinising the enabling tools, the mobile commerce impact on the business world and the evolving battle of Android and Apple IOS. Also, the online security issues and ethical and legal concerns for the sellers are discussed at the end

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An Interoperable Cloud-Fog IoT Health Care Solution

Internet of things (IoT) refers to the relationship existing between the internet and a load of data transmitted. Users have widespread expectations about the repeated use of applications. Current explorations consider cloud computing as the foundation to make IoT the solution to several internet problems. Nevertheless, the IoT environment involves limitations with regards to the distance of several leaps from the information origin, geographically centralized architecture, and economic aspects. This paper present a Fog based IoT Health Care alternative structure and examines the diffusion of Cloud Fog services into interoperability Health Care solutions stretched upon the conventional Cloud-based structure. We used the iFogSim simulator that facilitates the simulation of the system and assists in the analysis of the results that are compared to a distributed computing network, data communication optimization, consumption of power by this system and latency reduction. The results aim at the improvement of cost at the instance, the usage of energy and the delays in the network

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Cybersecurity refers to the state of protecting computers, networks, and data from unintended and unauthorized access, manipulation and destruction. Cybersecurity also refers to the steps taken to achieve the above level of security. The threat to cyber security has increased with the information technology. Cybersecurity incorporates a set of policies, tools, training and best practices, assurance and technologies that can be used to protect the cyberspace of an organization and its user’s assets. The assets include computing devices, personnel, applications, and transmitted and stored data. The primary objectives of cyber-security include availability, integrity, and confidentiality of data and computing systems

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Information Security Management

In the early 21st century, the use of internet has been growing at a significant pace in the global context. In this regard, both larger organisations and small and medium scale organisations are identified to be depending on internet in order to conduct their operations more adequately. Moreover, in the present modern era ‘Information Security Management’, has been one of the most crucial factors with the help of which organisations can ensure their efficiency and effectiveness more effectively. Thus, most of the small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) and larger organisations are interconnecting security based system, which specifically aims towards safeguarding the crucial digitized form of information from unauthorized access by unreliable sources or individuals. In this context, it can be asserted that unreliable access may significantly hamper the stored digitized data of an organisation in term of ‘disclosure’, ‘modification’, ‘crashing’ or even ‘disruption’. As an effect, the concept of ‘Information Security Management’ has gained significant amount of preference among the small to medium size enterprises within the past few years

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Positive And Negative Impacts Of Social Networking Sites On Social And Business Lifes

There is no doubt that social media is one of the most revolutionary inventions of the 21st century. Since the advent of Social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, linked in, Whatsapp, they have gained fame and their influence has spread like a bushfire in the Harmattan among people of different age groups and organizations. The development of the mobile phones has been very monumental in shaping the impact of social media. Today most people have access to mobile phone devices which support social networking sites. People of different ages, races and from all walks of life are abuzz about social media on the streets; sharing their different opinions and perspectives on this revolutionary invention. The initial motive for the development of social networking sites was the creation of a handy way of keeping in touch with family members and friends. However, social networks have evolved from only being used as a communication channel to being used as tools to impact on the society

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