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MKA0001 Morrison's SWOT Analysis. The purpose of this assignment is to conduct an in depth SWOT analysis of Morrison's Supermarket [1,500 words]
MKA0002 Integrated Marketing Communication: Starbucks. Starbucks key of success is the ability to change the concept consumers had about drinking coffee. With more than 600 outlets across the world and the intention of increasing them in the near future, the company has transformed coffee into a lifestyle accessory with as much elegance as the latest fashion [2,500 words]
MKA0003 The Influence of Children on Purchase Decisions. In the world of advertising and marketing, children are the targets. For many reasons, children are exerting a greater and greater influence on family buying decisions. Advertisers know that the money is in the hands of the children. As their economic muscle grows, so does a marketer's focus. Understanding how and why a child influences purchasing decisions is important to marketing and business today [3,000 words]
MKA0004 International Marketing - Investigation into Excessively High Retail Prices in the UK. There is compelling evidence that car prices in the UK are higher than the rest of Europe. This has been reinforced in the eyes of the public by the Rip-of Britain campaign run by Labour shortly after the 1997 election [4,500 words]
MKA0005 Case Analysis: Hilton Hotels Corporation. Hilton Hotels is a hotel chain keeping up with changes in the industry. In the early 1990s, Hilton Hotels moved its focus heavily into the gambling industry in response to two major take-over attempts. While gambling indeed generated the bulk of the income in the early 1990s, in 1994 the gaming industry slowed significantly while the hotel industry continued to prosper. The industry response was to shift into providing/packaging entertainment and gaming to form destination resorts to attract more customers. [1,500 words]
MKA0006 Marketing Analysis: McDonalds The Pioneer In Fast Food Industry. One of the success weapons of McDonald in fast food industry is that its franchise and chain system. The franchisee provides market knowledge, capital, and personal involvement in management. The combination of skills permits flexibility in dealing with local market conditions and yet provides the parent firm with a reasonable degree of control [2,000 words]
MKA0007 Marketing Case Study: Analysis Of Easyjet. Traditionally airline concepts are based on the assumption that airline traffic grows in line with the economy and that cutting prices will only lead to a decrease in revenues. With the introduction of the no-nonsense concept to the European market, after its deregulation in 1992, easyJet has proven this theory wrong and goes from strength to strength by actually increasing the size of the market and more recently by taking away passengers from the majors. Includes SWOT, PEST, situational analysis and marketing mix. [3,500 words]
MKA0008 Marketing Case Study: Analysis Of Reebok. Reebok's performance and competitiveness in the athletic shoe market is hindered by some base marketing problems.  The most fundamental is a long-term problem of ineffectively scanning the environment.  This translates to a more short-term problem of either not targeting, or failing to effectively target, the most profitable segments of the athletic shoe market [4,500 words]
MKA0009 Marketing Analysis into British Airways. The strength of the airline includes the excellent new fleet of aircrafts purchased to compliment comfortable travelling of passengers. This move was made to counter the wretched state of travel and complains received by the previous fleet used by British Airways. An amazing magnitude of operations allows British Airways an advantage over her competitors by catering to a wider variety of customers [3,500 words]
MKA0010 Explore the different types of humour that are used in television advertising. This report aims to investigate which types of humour are more prevalent in television advertising. Humour can be defined as the ability to be amused by things, the way in which people see that some things are amusing, or the quality of being amusing (Source: Cambridge Online Dictionary). Humour is widely used within advertising today whether this is on radio, in print, or on television as part of everyday marketing communications campaigns [5,000 words]
MKA0011 Marketing Advertising:  you know what ells well according to the marketing departments and manufacturers this certainly is the case. Images of content that implies it are almost everywhere to be seen. Almost every adult magazine, TV program, film seems to have content of some kind. However, imagery hasnt always been widely seen or accepted among society in terms of selling a product or service [2,500 words]
MKA0012 Marketing Strategy: Analysis of Customer Relationship Marketing. Adding value to products and services through customer relationship management can lead to a competitive advantage in the market, provided, an organization has executed this strategy properly. Customer relationship marketing is a phenomenon that is not just a value added strategy it is necessary. With the competition that exists in the market in this twenty first century it is most important to retain the loyalty of already made customers. It is widely known that word of mouth advertising is the best advertising. Consider these statistics: satisfied customers tell four people; dissatisfied customers tell nine people; and delighted customers tell eighteen people. To embark on the most positive feedback from a consumer it is necessary to utilize full potential of the employees of an organization to make sure that a customer is more than satisfied [6,000 words]
MKA0013 Marketing Analysis into the Slimming Food Industry.  This report is going to analyse the Slimming Food Industry (SFI) in the United Kingdom (UK). It is also going to outline the competitive arena and provide information on the issues raised in this industry. To aid with the analysis of the industry a DEEPLIST analysis will be conducted, whereas only the appropriate factors of this analysis will be evaluated in this report. The main issues and future implications for these factors will be included. Porters 5 Forces Analysis will be used to further the understanding of the competitive arena of the SFI (Slimming Food Industry). The main competitors as well as their strategies will be included in this report [6,500 words]
MKA0014 Interrelationship Between Target Marketing And The Marketing Mix
Target marketing and the marketing mix are two extremely important subjects within the world of marketing. Organisations cannot appeal to all buyers in the entire market so marketers use target marketing to identify the parts of the market it can serve best. Target marketing is when the seller identifies market segments, selects one or more of them and develops products and marketing mixes tailored to each. Marketing mixes are a combination of price, product, promotion and distribution (place) that help to deliver a product in a successful manner [1,500 words]
MKA0015 SWOT Analysis of Xerox. Xerox Corporation has established itself as the worlds largest document management company providing the broadest portfolio of document systems and services in the industry. Xerox developed and patented the first automatic copier to use ordinary paper in 1961. Today, the company offers a diverse range of document systems including color and black-and-white printing and publishing systems, digital presses, copiers and fax machines. The demand for Xeroxs products and services has grown every year and the company currently serves a market of one hundred and seventeen billion dollars. As a management consulting team offering services to a leading Xerox competitor, The paper will explore how Xerox increased its competitiveness to gain market share through improved customer satisfaction. Evaluating how Xerox established high levels of customer satisfaction, the competing firm can learn from and implement a similar strategy [1,000 words]
MKA0016 Factors that Influence Consumer Behaviour Patterns When Purchasing Fashion Items. Consumer behaviour is a complicated and diverse area of study. Since marketing is based on identifying, anticipating and providing customer needs it is important to understand them. There are two predominant types of buying: consumer buying, which consists of buying products for personal use, and organisational buying, which involves buying for organisational purposes. For marketers to satisfy consumer needs more fully than competitors it is important to recognise the elements that influence buying. This report will identify the main factors influencing consumer behaviour patterns, particularly when purchasing fashion items. It will examine how buyer characteristics influence buyer behaviour and also how retailers react to such characteristics. In particular this report will look at the cultural factors, demographic factors and psychological factors that influence consumer buying [3,000 words]
MKA0017 Consumer Purchase Behaviour. The purpose of this report is to analyse and evaluate the decision-making process consumers go through when purchasing health supplements. Health products is a growing industry as more people are more aware of good health in relation to their lifestyle, and how they can use health supplements to enhance self heal health care. [2,500 words]
MKA0018 An in-Depth Analysis into Consumer Behaviour
Consumer behaviour is the study of processes involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use, or dispose of products, services, ideas, or experiences to satisfy needs and desires. Why? How? When? What? Where individuals and groups buy? People talk rationally but they buy emotionally. People buy a car not because of the great gas mileage or the price. They buy it because it makes them feel good. People feel on the basis of the words used and the pictures painted by those words. Literally, a rose by any other name probably wouldnt [3,500 words]
MKA0019 Are Attitudes or Behaviour More Important When Making Purchasing Decisions? Consumer behaviour is an important area for marketers. Understanding consumers has become the focus of much attention in the marketing world because the driven force behind the market is the consumer. However, Kolter (1996) claims that when choosing products and services, consumers are often influenced by several factors such as attitudes or behaviour. Clearly, to sell products successfully, marketers need to understand and target the specific groups interested in their products. In the literature, many researchers claim that consumers attitudes predict their purchasing behaviour. However, some authors believe that behaviour should be measured in order to predict buying behaviour. This essay will argue that attitude is the major influence in a buyers purchasing decision. Firstly, the report will show how consumers attitudes influence behaviour, using high or low involvement products as an example. Secondly, another major factor influencing buyers attitudes or behaviour, brand loyalty will be analysed. Finally, the role of advertising in influencing future purchasing decisions will be discussed [2,000 words]
MKA0020 Advertising Management: What Is The Cultural Significance Of Advertising? Advertising can be seen as taking advantage of the knowledge of a social system. The social system would include our positions within society, how we read signs and behave towards them, which help advertisers assume what will attract people’s attention. If we know what behaviours go with what function in society, we can then assume that people who carry out that specific function will perform those behaviours [1,600 words]
MKA0021 Marketing Communication: The Value of Communication Models Across a Range of Marketing, Advertising and Communication Media. When looking at advertisements in any form of media, at first glance they look simple and meaningless.  When looked at in more detail it becomes more obvious that a lot of research has gone into the design of each individual advert to ensure that the correct message is passed onto the viewer.  Over the years many people have developed models to describe how different forms of mass communication take place.  Mathematicians Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver developed a ‘mathematical model’ which shows communication to be linear and one way.  Other models include the Lasswell formula, Dance’s Helical model, Westley and McLean’s model for communication research, and Maletzke’s model of the mass communication process.  All these models will be described in more detail later on [1,900 words]
MKA0022 Marketing Analysis: TESCO Case Study. The following report examines Tesco - the most successful supermarket in the UK. Through in-depth analysis of the company’s internal and external contributories, the report discusses the marketing mix of Tesco’s leading clothing range; Cherokee. With referral to several marketing textbooks and websites, theories and information were derived in order for this report to be written. This specific information is apparent throughout the report when giving facts about the company. This is used to set the scene for the interpretation and also aids discussion. To examine the internal aspects of Tesco its Microenvironment will be analysed. With referral to the individual company, its customers and competitors, closer examination can be achieved. Looking at the company through this method, its internal characteristics were devised; adding to the interpretation of the SWOT analysis. Secondly, the macro-environment of Tesco is discussed. Ranging from political to technological, specific externalities are investigated. These factors allow an overall image of the company to be formed; concluding its internal forces and with what environment it functions in [2,500 words]
MKA0023 Social Marketing: Safe Campaign. The report is concerned with outlying a social marketing campaign that can be used to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies. The purpose of the campaign was provoked by the increasing number of teenage pregnancies in Britain and its detrimental effect of society.  A social marketing campaign was therefore justified by the fact that these numbers are increasing and that ‘children are having children’. The situational analysis section was concerned with identifying factors that effected teenager decision making on having unprotected. It concluded that there are sections of vulnerable teenagers who are having and are most likely not to use contraception. This finding provoked the idea that a safe campaign would be better than a virginity campaign due to target audiences’ cultural background [9,000 words]
MKA0024 Marketing Communications: Symbols. Communications whether inter or inter-cultural, can only take place when the participants in the process share a set of meaningful symbols. Symbols work as a powerful means of association. This highlights the power and influence the use of symbols has in marketing communications. 70% of communications is non-verbal, where marketers manipulate these symbolic ideas to create associations between the product and various benefits. These ‘symbols’ take the form of colour, lettering font, logos and celebrity endorsers and are used to appeal to specific target audiences and objectives; most commonly to motivate customers to buy the product and/ or to change their attitude towards it. As the marketing industry witnesses a shift from advertising with a functional appeal, to appealing to more symbolic and experiential needs of customers, it is evident that there is a greater need for these semiotics to communicate a message [2,500 words]
MKA0025 Marketing Analysis: KitKat Case Study. The following report examines Rowntree’s most primal confectionary brand: the KitKat. Through in-depth analysis of the brand’s internal and external contributories the report discusses whether it may be feasible to reintroduce the KitKat Chunky; which has previously been deducted from the market. With referral to the case study and other marketing textbooks, theories and information can be derived in order for this report to be written. This specific information is apparent particularly in the reports introduction where background information is given on the KitKat in order to set the scene for the interpretation. To examine the internal aspects of KitKat its Microenvironment will be analysed. The account looks more closely at the company, its customers and its competitors. For example marketing differentiation between KitKat’s two main products can be distinguished and aspects as to how and why this is the case are apparent. Looking at the company through this method, its internal characteristics can be devised; adding to the interpretation of the SWOT analysis and in particular helps to evaluate whether KitKat holds a marketing orientation to their product of not [3,000 words]
MKA0026 Strategic Marketing Analysis: PUMA. This report was undertaken in order to present a strategic marketing analysis of the sports footwear industry, focusing on the brand Puma, and based upon this analysis, offer appropriate strategic recommendations. The report begins with an industry background, with regard to the brand, which outlines trends and growth rates within the industry in recent years, and provides a brief background of the company itself. An external analysis of the environment in which Puma operates was carried out using a PEST analysis. An internal analysis then provides an analysis of the internal environment, using Porter’s Value Chain. This involves analysis of activities including, inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and service activities. The analysis if followed by an outline of strategic options available to the company.  These strategic options were compiled using the PEST analysis, Porter’s 5 Forces Model, Porter’s Generic Strategy, Ansoff’s Matrix and the Boston Matrix [6,000 words]
MKA0027 E-Marketing: Describe, Discuss and Assess The Various Ways in Which E-Marketing Can Help Organisations To Develop And Sustain Competitive Advantage. E-marketing is the use of information technology in the process of creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers, and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organisation and its stakeholders. Evidently, customers are spending longer on the internet, buying more often and spending more money. Due to this development most organisations have set up a website and have implemented several e-marketing strategies, in order to match this pace of change and meet consumers increasing needs. The specific activities involved in the successful implementation of E-marketing include: marketing planning techniques (SOSTAC), consideration of the 5 S’s (Sell, Serve, Speak, Save and sizzle), the 7 P’s, and also contemplation of marketing models of E-procurement and loyalty methods. All of these have various advantages for the companies analysed, when considering the effect these have in developing and maintaining their competitive position [4,200 words]
MKA0028 Advanced Buyer Behaviour: What Are The Customer Motivations Behind Compulsive Consumption And What Consequences Does This Behaviour Have? Consumption involves production acquisition, consumption and the disposal of goods and services. Traditional theories and models of buying behaviour have concentrated on the fact that people consume products for the features and utility benefits they have. Due to the economic boom of the mid 20th Century, however, and the increase of consumption that followed, there has been a shift in research focus. Subsequently, new literature focuses on the psychological aspects of buying, especially the dysfunctional side of consumption: “Considered as the side affect of materialism and the dark side of consumer behaviour, compulsive buying has been under scrutiny…because of its serious impact on the individual and the public.” Research suggests that this idea of addiction involves two levels 1) addiction for the product (drugs, alcohol) 2) an addiction -not to the product- but to the process of buying; the later of which will be the focus of the discussion. As a consequence, analysis will focus on the characteristics and personality factors, featured in this type of behaviour, in order to identify the motives behind it and to identify the detrimental affects that this can have, with reference to consumer debt [4,000 words]
MKA0029 E-Marketing: Market Analysis and Product Development for Mattel Toys. The UK market for traditional toys and games was valued at £2.13 billion in 2005, following a 21% growth in sales since 2000. This is because the toys and games market is highly fragmented in both supply and retail terms. On the supply side there is now only limited domestic product. Through out the years, Action toys have always aimed at the male market it comprises figures and accessories, including the majority of boy’s concept toys. The main factors driving development in the toys and games market are technology, branding and licensing. During our research we found out that kids have an impact in what their parents buy for them. However, the educational value of the toy and games is also considered, and suggesting that parents are acting responsibly when choosing toys for their children. We have carefully selected toys and games that appeal to the target market, the parents of the target market, and educators - We looked into the market and realised that technology is playing a major part in children entertainment and for that reason, we decide to produce an action figure toy. With our new product, it wouldn’t be just any action figure toy but rather one with a remote control. The reason being, this enables kids to have power and control over their product and be creative with them [10,000 words]
MKA0030 Marketing Communications: Nationwide Launch of Ribena HUGS Smoothie into the Market. Ribena has re-evaluated their corporate strategy by widening their market audience. The organic market allows opportunity for Ribena to offer a product that is seen to be healthy as the consumer becomes more health conscious.   This market if penetrated correctly will offer growth, success and improved corporate image for Ribena. Ribena has decided to introduce the Ribena Hugs Smoothie, an organic child smoothie into the market.  The UK Smoothies market has increased steadily for past five years, published late last year by British consultancy Organic Monitor predicted UK sales would reach £55 million, as consumer demand for more natural products [6,000 words]
MKA0031 Assess the extent to which the development of mass marketing techniques has been important drivers behind the emergence of modern mass consumer societies? Mass marketing can be defined as “the marketing of goods, etc., on a large scale, marketing aimed at a broad range of consumers, as opposed to those with specialist needs”. The development of mass marketing techniques has been linked with the emergence of ‘modern mass consumer society’, which can be defined as a society in which “most people have access to a broad range of standardised, mass produced durable goods. The aim of the report is to examine the extent to which development of mass marketing techniques has influenced the emergence of modern mass consumer society [1,800 words]
MKA0032 Principles of Marketing: A comparison of the Tesco and Sainsbury’s Brands. This report compares the marketing propositions of two competing brands, Tesco and Sainsbury’s. It provides a situation analysis of the market, critical analyses of their existing marketing strategies and recommendations for future strategies. Both companies are long-established UK grocers. They are number one and three in the fiercely competitive UK food retail market, which is growing steadily. The market is much consolidated: the five top players take 80% of it. High market concentration has caused a public backlash, criticism in Parliament and talk of limits on market share. Emerging technologies and consumer demand for high-margin convenience foods and organic products present growth opportunities. Tesco’s strengths are brand recognition and innovation; weaknesses are reliance on a single brand and little free cash. Sainsbury’s strengths are a reputation for quality and good own-brand products; weaknesses are supply chain problems and low profits [4,000 words]
MKA0033 Marketing Ryanair: An In Depth Market Analysis. Section One: An industry environment analysis for Ryanair will be carried out, this will include the macro and micro factors which the company need to take into consideration in order to understand the market well.  I will start of by carrying out a PESTLE analysis, Porters five forces analysis and Porters diamond in relation to what Ryanair need to consider within the macro environment of the airline industry. Section Two: Will assess the strategic resource capability of Ryanair, this is done by analysing Ryanair’s internal capabilities focusing on their Resource capabilities, finance, technology and so on to see if the company utilizes them effectively or not. With the use of the value chain analysis I will now highlight the airlines capabilities, which is crucial to the company’s success, involving both physical resources and intangible factors. Section Three: The company’s current capabilities show many advantages as well as many disadvantages as shown within the SWOT analysis. Ryanair have a great position within the market, due to their low cost scheme, building their company a good reputation due to such low fares [10,000 words]
MKA0034 An Analysis Into Cross Cultural Marketing. Marketing segmentation consists of many variables which help determine the desired market in which to advertise for a product.  First, geographic location is essential knowledge to have when deciding what to market and where.  Marketers must have intimate knowledge of the surroundings, popular products and consumer needs and desires in any geographic location for the advertisement to be successful.  Customization of products must be tailored to the location in which the product will be advertised.  Segmentation can also be broken down into subcultures which are mini societies found within a greater society. [1,500 words]
MKA0035 SWOT, PEST and Porters Analysis Into EasyJet. A successful example of a European no frills airline is EasyJet. Stelios Haji-Ioannou (Greek) founded the company in 1995. It is based on the low-cost, no-frills model of the US carrier Southwest. The concept of EasyJet is based on the belief that demands for short-haul air transport is price elastic. That means, if prices for flights are being reduced, more people will fly. Traditionally airline concepts are based on the assumption that airline traffic grows in line with the economy and that cutting prices will only lead to a decrease in revenues. With the introduction of the ‘no-nonsense’ concept to the European market, after its deregulation in 1992, EasyJet has proven this theory wrong and goes from strength to strength by actually increasing the size of the market and more recently by taking away passengers from the majors. Today, it offers 125 routes from 39 European Airports with Luton, Liverpool, Geneva, Amsterdam as base airports and is operating 72 aircrafts [4,000 words]
MKA0036 International Marketing - Ford Motor Company.  This project focuses on the Ford Motor Company and its take on advertising. The project aim is to analyse competitive advertising in the car manufacturing industry. In 2006 Ford came third in the world ranking of car makers behind General Motors and Toyota. Moreover, according to a list of total US advertisement spending in 2005, Ford Motor Company spent just under $2.4bn and came sixth in company ranking in the US. The analysis will concentrate specifically on the Ford brand as opposed to its parent, the Ford Motor Company which not only includes Ford as its main brand, but has acquired many others over the years including several premium lines to increase its product innovation and expand its car brands, such as Mercury, Lincoln, Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar and a 33% stake in the Mazda [2,400 words]
MKA0037 Marketing Information Systems Applications & Theory. This MBA study provides an overview of the marketing information systems that exist in most of the organizations. It outlines what actually marketing systems are, what is the purpose behind having an information system in an organization, what type of marketing information system must exist in an organization, why organizations need marketing in formation systems, what type of general purpose softwares can be used to enhance the effectiveness of marketing information system and what types of costs are associated with using the information systems in an organization. This study will be a valuable contribution to the future study contributions in this field [14,000 words]
MKA0038 The Importance of Marketing to Organizations in the Twenty-First Century. Marketing nowadays is considered to be a major field in the success of a company, without any interest of the company’s size, purpose and distribution. Marketing is a fundamental subject that joins several operations in an organization, such as market research, product development, the promotion of the product, pricing, distribution, each of them divided into subcategory activities. In the consumer market, which is the focus of this report, marketing is defined as a managerial process pursued to fulfill their needs and wants (Kotler, Wong, Saunders, Armstrong, 2005).  The purpose of this paper is to provide a case study based report for one of the of the most developing and successful consumer electronics corporations, Apple Inc. [2,500 words]
MKA0039 Corporate Marketing Strategy: Tesco vs. Sainsbury: The Supermarket War. The grocery industry sector in the UK is controlled and directed by supermarket giants most of which are household names. Between the high-end niche market players like Waitrose and Marks & Spencer and the cheap bulk discounters like Iceland, the top five players operating in the largest mid-market segment remain Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, Somerfield and Safeway. Striving to capture consumer attention and in the effort to retain it, the strategies of the supermarkets swing between loyalty schemes and price wars. Alongside continuous attempt to retain a hold over the home market, many of the organizations view overseas opportunities as another lucrative way to inflate profits and expand the brand name. On the other side of the coin, invasions from foreign companies like Walmart/Asda and the slightly over-efficient supply mechanism of the industry present UK supermarkets with the challenges of mergers, acquisitions and the positive and negative effects of globalization [4,000 words]
MKA0040 Marketing Strategy: EMI and the digital Music Industry. This report will explain environmental scanning and why undertaking this type of activity is important for marketing planner and, moreover, it will discuss recommendations and justification of the most appropriate marketing strategy for EMI to adopt to ensure growth in the future. EMI records, is facing its most testing times since sound was first recorded for sale to consumers. For many years, the company has operated in a stable environment, protected by copyright laws and lack of alternative substitutes to CDs. Recently, there has been a change; Improvements in technology have changed the format of the music that are available at retail outlets (digital recordings, Compact Disks) and now some consumers acquire copies of that music online [3,000 words]
MKA0041 International Marketing Strategy: Tata Motors Hypothetical Entry on UK Market. The focus of Tata’s market entry will be UK. There were several reasons for selecting UK as the target market. These favourable factors were the status of India as the favourable economic agent, UK Car market dynamics and potential, language similarity. The other countries which were considered as potentially attractive were: the USA – the largest market size in the world, Russia – emerging market with significant sales potential. The option of the USA as target market was declined due to extremely high quality requirements and other non-tariff barriers which make it hard for a new entrant to enter this market. Besides, this market is highly mature and experiences extreme level of competitive pressure. With regards to Russia, there were several unfavourable factors which made it less attractive then the UK – the uncertainty of the further economic state, high entry barriers and no well—developed dealership network [3,500 words]
MKA0042 The Advantages & Merits of Global Branding in Food Manufacturing. In fact, food brand becoming global is a quite difficult thing for every food brand and even others brands. Because of the cultures and tastes in different countries are totally different. If a food manufacturer wants to satisfy all consumers in the global market, it should prepare different ways for one business. It means that it is impossible to sell the same product in the same way everywhere. The effect of the globalization on brands has been obvious. There are some driving forces behind globalization including regional economic agreements, converging market needs and wants, technological advances, improvement in communication and transportation, pressure to cut costs and to improve quality, and increased global economic growth. Globalization offers a number of advantages .Therefore; global manufacture will obtain more competitive advantages in the global marketplace. I will explore them below [2,000 words]
MKA0043 International Marketing Strategy. The report will attempt to address the importance of the relationship between consumers, businesses and the key brands. In the first part of the report, we will introduce branding and its relationship with the consumers. By defining the idea of ‘brand’, we can understand what is brand made up of and how it has the ability to affect the consumers.  Next we will explain the ‘country of origin’ effect. Country of origin effect exists when the product choice is influenced by the producer’s source country or country of manufacturer. Through this, we explain how consumers are affected by this effect.  Following, we will proceed to explain the types of branding in the market. Branding has been divided into three mains categories, namely: Private branding, National branding and Global branding. In the different sub-sections, we explain each type of branding and the effect of each type of branding [3,500 words]
MKA0044 SWOT Analysis – Marks & Spencer. It is well known that for a long period of time Marks & Spencer was considered to be the market leader and UK’s best established store in the retail sector. They were known as the top clothing retailers and they pioneered the development of chilled convenience foods in the 1980’s. They had a simple philosophy, which was to produce high quality products under a well known, recognised brand name at considerably affordable prices. However, for the last few years, Marks & Spencer’s marketing philosophy has come under attack as other companies invaded and commenced to eat into the market share, and hence the company lost its competitive stance, which led to a decline in profits [2,000 words]
MKA0045 Evaluate Ebay’s Strategy To Develop Their Brand In The E-Commerce Environment. Branding is a dynamic activity and an important part of any business, good branding will help a company overcome competition, while poor branding will make things worse. eBay's findings that their most active site users were, small traders and serious collectors helped them to establish their marketing efforts towards building the eBay brand in the minds of these consumers. They did this through advertising in niche publications and exhibiting at trade shows, this method of targeting specific segments would give eBay a more credible image. Although this is a good way to attract eBay’s most valuable users – they may suffer from cutting down the target audience to niche markets [4,500 words]
MKA0046 Critically analysing the potential of identifying CRM within Morrisons. The following report is aimed at critically analysing the potential of implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) within Wm Morrison’s plc. It contains a literature review regarding the subject area of CRM and also focuses on discussions of various methodologies approaches that have been used in the research area to achieve the reports objective. The min key is to critically analyse the potential of implementing Customer relationship management. The research carried out identifies and analyses CRM within Morrison’s, also included in the research is whether Morison’s have a CRM system, and how Morrison’s acquire it. The primary key was to interview the CIO of Morison’s and also to ask customers and employees to fill out questionnaires. From the findings it came to my attention that Morrison’s CRM system is secure in the results it demonstrates that the majority of Morrison’s customers are satisfied with their customer service [7,000 words]
MKA0047 Global retailing: Identification of the critical success factors for market entry into the Republic of Ireland by the food retailer Waitrose Waitrose Internationalising to the Republic of Ireland Waitrose is a food retailer that trades within the UK with the partnership of John Lewis (JLP). Waitrose’s aim is to provide the convenience of a supermarket with the expertise and service of a specialist food shop. They have potential to drive their business in different parts of the UK as they currently have 179 stores. The company has the ability to compete with other major competitors like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Marks & Spencer and Iceland’s. Waitrose is now ready to launch their business outside the UK, as they have targeted the Republic of Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is a small West European country, with a population of 3.5 million and one of the lowest densities of population within the EU [3,000 words]
MKA0048 To what extent does the print-media influence young people into smoking, in relation to the recent restrictions on tobacco advertising? Media messages in our modern society are endemic. They are projected through television, film and radio, by way of advertising, via newspapers and magazines, on the internet and through books, brochures and posters. It is near impossible to escape the constant messages fired from the media, and the extent of its influence upon society has been frequently questioned throughout the years. Despite the deteriorating reputation of smoking, images of it can be witnessed daily through the media, particularly within celebrity magazines. In February 2003, a law was passed banning tobacco companies from advertising their products on billboards, in the print media and even through sport sponsorship. Regardless of their questionable effectiveness, these laws do not forbid images of smoking being printed in newspapers and magazines. Some celebrity magazines may illustrate famous people as ‘common’ when they are photographed with a cigarette; however the picture is still sold to the masses. This may have a detrimental effect on society, particularly to young people, who may be susceptible to influences from the media [9,000 words]
MKA0049 An analysis of the strategic management of the food retailer Waitrose. In the marketing world there are many businesses that are now trading internationally and many that have the potential to do so. It is vital that companies that want to progress further need to globalise there market. Waitrose is a food retailer with many outlets trading in the UK and has the potential to trade worldwide. Waitrose was founded in Acton in 1904 by Wallace Waite, A Rose and D Taylor. In 1955 the first store opened in ‘Streatham’ South London. Waitrose currently has 179 stores in the UK. In 1994 the first Waitrose ‘food & home’ store opened. These larger outlets sell a full range of foods along with a selection of household goods from John Lewis department stores (JLP). Waitrose’s major competitors in the market include Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Marks & Spencer and Iceland [3,000 words]

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