The use of Mobile Technology as a study tool in Third level Institutions is becoming more popular because, of the accessibility to mobile phones by students and because, of the new technologies used in making mobile phones.Some mobile phones now can download and play video clips.With this kind of technology learning is shifting from just the walls of the classroom to our mobile phones and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant).However little Research has been done in using mobile phones to connect and write to Server Applications especially in Third level Institutions in Ireland, with this type of technology students would be able to download lecture revision notes, write continuous assessments on their mobile phones and would be able to submit them using Bluetooth technology.The J2ME Client Server application would be used as a study tool for Instructional Design, a subject for the fourth year Students in B.Sc. Computing (Multimedia Systems). The module aims to provide student with a detailed understanding of empirically based principles that user interface designers can employ to create applications that improve the likelihood people will learn. For the purposes of researching this project, a prototype system was developed that encapsulated MIDlets, Servlets and JDBC technologies.The project examines if such a prototype could in practice be, properly implemented in a real-world simulation.Time constraints due to technical problems documented in the testing section prevented the application being tested with real users

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