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LLM "Investigates and analyses the motivations of engaging in foreign investments"
LLB "Should The Sex Offenders Register Be Made Available To The Public"
LLM "Analysis of Current UK Legislation to Facilitate Business to Business E-Commerce"
LLM "WTO’s Requirements on Insurance Service: The Challenges For China’s Insurance Regulations"
LLM "Are Human Rights Treaties Considered As: "Binding International Law"?"
MSc "Public and Private Regulation of Labour Standards in China: A Critical Analysis"
LLB "Have Police Powers Of Stop And Search Been Increased, Without Adequate Safeguards And Accountability?"
LLB "Contemporary and Critical Analyses of the Approaches to Offender Profiling"
LLB "Criminological Theory, Offender Profiling and the Challenge of the Serial Killer"
LLM "An Examination into the Concept and Theory of Public Interest Litigation"
LLM "A Study into Debt and Equity Classification the UK Tax Deployment of Hybrid Securities"
LLB "An Investigation into Contractual Relationships between the Governments and Middle Eastern Oil Companies"
LLB "The Effectiveness and Legislation Compliance of The Digital Economy Act"
LLM "An Exploration into the Economic Consequences of WTO Accession on GCC Countries"
LLB "The Effect from TRIPs Agreement on Thailand: Pharmaceutical Patents, the Access of Essential Medicines and the Remedy by Compulsory Licensing"
BA "The Legal Implications of Employee Restructuring"
LLM "Victims Participation At The International Criminal Court - Issues and Concerns"
LLM "Statehood: Regulation or Process?"
LLB "A Critical Study into Insider Trading Law - Corporate Governance Norms in India"
LLB "Assessment of the United Kingdoms use of Diplomatic Assurances against Torture in the War on Terror"

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