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At we are proud to offer a vast collection of marketing strategy dissertations. Below you will find a great range of marketing strategy dissertation examples for you to purchase. These marketing dissertation examples are here to help inspire you in creating your own marketing dissertation title. Our sample marketing strategy dissertations will prove helpful in formulating your own dissertation topic, objectives, literature review, methodology and analyses. Our sample marketing dissertations are an ideal tool for any student struggling to start their own marketing strategy dissertation. Marketing is an essential part of any business and there are many elements of marketing. By browsing our collection of marketing dissertation examples, you will get ideas for your marketing dissertation through the following marketing subjects: Relationship Marketing, Branding, Direct Marketing, Marketing Decision Making, Advertising, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Trends, International Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Strategic Marketing and Marketing Ethics. Click the relevant link to open a synopsis of our Marketing dissertations. All dissertations are made available at the fixed price of £55, which represents outstanding value for money.


Title / Subject

MSc "What Are The Key Customer Preference Factors That Influence The Selection Of Retail Store? A Study of ASDA"
MSc "An Exploration into the Influence of Branding On Consumers and Their Purchasing Decisions"
MSc "An Analysis into the Importance of Advertising in the Retail Industry"
MSc "An Investigation into the Growth and Perception of Ethnic Food at ASDA"
BA "A Study into Consumer Attitude and Perceptions towards a Brand during the Course of an Acquisition"
MSc "A Study on How to Improve Customer Satisfaction in the UK Mobile Phone & Network Industry"
MSc "To What Extent Does Colour Influence the Purchase of Clothes?"
MSc "The Impact and Influence of Social Media on Consumer Branding and Relationships"
MSc "Internet Marketing"
BA "The Effectiveness of Relationship Marketing: To what Extent Does David Lloyd Currently Use Relationship Marketing in its Member Retention Programme"
BA "Impact of Online Marketing on Small Organisations"
MSc "Applying the Framework of Demand Chain Strategy in the Context of SMEs"
MSc "Employee Branding as a Source of Sustainable Competitive Advantage A Study of Two UK Airlines"
MSc "Corporate Marketing in the Context of the Network Economy"
MSc "The Importance of Marketing Metrics and Measurement Tools"
MA "A Comparison of the Marketing Mix in a Developed and a Developing Country"
MSc "A Study to Highlight the Importance of Brand Awareness in Brand Choice from a Cultural Perspective"
BA "An Analysis into the Use of Sports Marketing As an Effective Marketing Tool and Its Importance to the Marketing Communication Mix"
BA "The Effect of Age and Gender on Alcohol Expectancies and Drinking Self Refusal Efficacy in University Student Drinking"
MSc "An Investigation Into Service Quality Delivery On Cosmetic Websites"
MSc "Exploring Market Segmentation Within The FMCG Sector"
MSc "An Analysis Into The Consumer Experience And Its Effect On The Hotel Sector"
BA "Exploring Differences In Consumer Perception Between Branded And Private-Label Goods"
BA "Advertising Of The UK Car Industry And Its Effects Upon Consumer Buyer Behaviour"
BA "Comparative Analysis of Marketing Strategy Effectiveness. Cadbury V Thorntons"
MSc "An Exploration into The Relationship Between Brand Trust and Use of Loyalty Cards"
MSc "Improving Customer Relations through Relationship Marketing"
MSc "Marketing Strategy for Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry to Attract SME’s in order to Bring FDI in Japan"
MSc "Identifying Optimum Product Strategies for UK Superstores"
BA "Examining Determinants of Customer Decision Making on Purchasing Cosmetic Products Online"
MSc "Emerging Trends in the Usage of Social Media in Strategic Marketing and Consumer Buying Behaviour"
BA "The Impact of Advertising on Consumer Behaviour in the UK: A Case Study of Samsung"
MSc "Impact of Online Social Media Activities on the Brand Choice of Consumers"
MSc "Impact of Brand Equity on Market Sustainability and Growth – A Critical Evaluation of the Premier Inn Brand"
MSc "Use of Smart Phones as a Tool to Promote Local Products or Services by Suppliers in the UK"
BA "An Investigation into the Effectiveness of International Marketing Strategy amongst UK Fashion Brands"
MSc "An Examination to the Impact That the Use of Smell, Touch and Taste in Sensory Branding Has On Brand Equity"
BA "The Effects of Gender on Family Purchasing Behaviour"
BSc "Determine How the Hotel Industry Can Utilise Social Media to Enhance Customer Loyalty"
MSc "A Study into the Impact of Pricing Strategy on Market Growth at Primark UK"
MA "Attitudes and Motives of Chinese Consumers When Purchasing Green Vehicles"
BA "Brand Identity and its Impact on Consumer Loyalty - A Study of Burberry"
BA "Impact of Online and Offline Advertising on Increasing Profit - A Case Study of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company"
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